Thursday, June 2, 2016

My SUN!!!

At a certain point in time, I thought I had everything in life figured out. I was able to juggle between work, university, foreign language classes, gym, housework  (the least possible - of course), writing, going out and all the regular things normal people do.
Until something happened and it all changed: I became a mom!
I watched my normal routines fade away and new habits and things I have thought I’d ever do, replace them.

Now, after almost 6 weeks, I have embraced my motherhood. I find it completely normal to sniff butts to check out for poop. To get peed on. To suck boogers out of tiny noses using a special device. To differentiate between 700 different types of creams and medications. And to use only one hand to do a thousand thing while carrying an infant on the other arm. And the list goes on...

Now, most of my afternoons consist of a crying baby, a hungry cat, food attempted to be cooked but burning on the oven instead and me wanting to pee all at the same time. And nights turned into a cycle of showers, sterilizing bottles and doing laundry!

Now, it’s okay to arrive late to any event looking like an old pair of socks and smelling like a rotten mushroom. Now, it’s fine surviving on four to five hours of sleep. Now, rotating between 3 outfits is acceptable, and wearing a milk-stained shirt is the new trend.
And I think by now, my husband made peace with my new Zombie look. And the bags under my eyes believe they are designer.

My new hobbies include walking around the house trying to calm my colic baby. I also took up singing; only nursery rhymes and songs I make up. I can now balance holding a car seat, a diaper bag, my purse and the groceries all at once. Travelling is enjoyable too, however, we only travel to one destination: Grandma Land. What else?

Well, all of that doesn’t weigh a feather compared to the smile I see on my son’s face. Watching him grow, interact with us, fall asleep peacefully in my arms are ridiculously and insanely rewarding.
Looking him in the eye and kissing his little toes are the new meaning to my life. And keeping him safe is what I live and die for.

If I were to go through all the pain and sufferings of pregnancy and labor, I would all over again, in a heartbeat. Besides, he’s the one who heard my heartbeats from the inside, and he became the one my heart beats for. I now have a small piece of heaven, I have a son.


  1. Welcome aboard this life, & Nisreen too..I had so much to say while reading this but now, I feel writing nothing, you wrote it all :)
    Welcome baby boy, welcome new mother (he will teach you more than you do) starting with the least, I mean the new very happy for all of you, may God keep him safe for you & make him you joy.

  2. Thank you for always reading my blog and commenting on it! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post!!
    May God protect all children and grant them health! Thank you again