Thursday, November 24, 2016

A guest blogger: Ahmed

Hello everybody! This is Ahmed. Today, I’m taking over Mommy’s blog. I hope she doesn’t notice until after I publish my post.

So, there it goes.

My name is Ahmed Alexander. I’ll be seven months old soon. I still live with my parents. I sleep in my own bedroom though.
 My favorite foods are bananas. But I hate avocados, they are gross! I love books and songs. I attack phones and remote controls.  I enjoy the outdoors and I like flowers.
Sleeping is my enemy so I fight it all the time! Oh, and I dislike wearing shoes.

Here is some more insight about my logic!

*      The food that falls on my bib is tastier than what Mommy is feeding me. So I’m going to lick it instead and completely ignore her.

*      Oh, here comes the spoon! Let me put two fingers in my mouth while eating, so my Mom can use a whole box of tissues to clean up just one feeding.

*      Let me wait until Mommy is stuck in traffic, so I can throw a fit, cry and whine and make her life miserable.

*      We are leaving the house! How about a surprise: a huge poopoo. It’ll come out of my diaper and reach my back. This way, my Mommy will spend half an hour wiping it and will run late.

*      My mom is changing my diaper, so I will escape her grip and roll on my belly.

*      A nap? Haha! I’ll pretend I want to sleep until she runs out of songs and patience, then I’ll show her that it’s a false alarm.

*      I ate, slept and I’m all clean! How about I cry and confuse the hell out of my Mommy?

*      It’s 4:30 AM! Ahhhh, perfect time to play!

*      I’m staying with daddy. So I’m going to be the nicest boy in the world. I will not nag or bother him.

*      I’m getting dressed. I will scream so loud, the neighbors will know how much I hate it.

*      A clean and nice bib! You know what can make it nicer? A milk stain or spit! Maybe both!

Well, I won’t tell you everything today because I’m still learning! And even when I do all this and more, my mom still gives me cuddles and kisses, reads me stories and sings funny songs! So I’m very happy to be her son!