Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A letter from ...

Son, watching you from afar
grow and become a man has been the most painful feeling ever. Yet, I've always been proud of you. You have turned out to be strong, confident, caring and gentle.

I may not have been around, but you have too many blessings to count. And I want you to know that I have been with you in every step of the road.

You've always been in safe hands, and now you're even in safer and warmer arms. Arms that hold you through the night.

Son, I couldn't be happier because you chose her, as your partner.
Do you know that she can't sleep unless you're home, safe and sound?
Do you know that she thinks about you during the day, even when she is very busy?
Do you have any idea how much she cares about you?
She washes your clothes before hers, checks if you have all of your medicine and makes sure you have eaten.
These are indirect "I love you"s and they are far more valuable than words.

Every night, I smile down at you both knowing how fortunate you are.
Every night, I realize that my prayers from above have not gone in vain.

Every night, I wish I can kiss both your foreheads good night.
Every night, I whisper three words in your ear: I love you.

From Heaven,