Sunday, January 4, 2015

I picked her!

I did not know where I was or who brought me here. It was dark outside or perhaps the curtains were drawn. I removed all the wires attached to my wrists and attempted to find my balance.
I gathered all the strength I had left and dangled my feet in the hopes of walking. I entered a large room with big neon ceiling lights.

And there they stood; each and every single girl I had ever loved, cared for or had a crush on.
Their eyes shifted to my direction. Their bodies did not move. 

I wasn’t sure if my mind was playing tricks on me or if it was only an eye illusion. 
My head started pounding. I tried to hold on to a pole at the entrance of the room. Whatever they had injected in my veins was causing this. My grip grew tighter. I didn’t want to lose control. My brain was definitely hacked into.

And then, I saw her. HER!! She, who made everybody else seem dull in comparison. 
She was the one who lived in my unconscious days or years; I have lost count.

I walked towards her. She softened her gaze and half smiled. I wrapped my arms around her and at last I felt complete.
I did not care whether I will be damned or sent to heaven, as long as I’ll get to be alone with her.
She placed her warm lips on my neck. A kiss I could never become immune to. My entire body tingled. My heart fluttered.                 
She murmured my name and wiped a tear I had shed. I wanted to tell her how I felt. But she already knew.
Even with a hijacked head, my heart picked her. I picked her. And we will always do.