Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Meadow

The meadow is big, a sea of green, filled with wildflowers – yellow, purple and white. In the sky, creamy clouds look perfectly hand-painted. The breeze smells delicious and fills lungs with vitality.
A melody of flowing water emanates from a nearby creek. Sunlight touches her skin and infiltrates her bones.

She walks toward a tall tree where a man sits peacefully under its shadow. She bends down and places her palm on his cheek. He looks up, and the face of an angel comes into sight. The most illuminated and radiant features she has ever seen stare back at her.
Daddy!”, she cheers. “I missed you”.
He takes her hand, kisses it fervently and plants a soft kiss on her forehead. “I missed you more baby girl”.

Spending time with him has always been her favorite part of the day. They take a walk by the stream where leaves float on its surface and frogs croak. They put small pebbles in their hands and toss them in the water.
Everything seems colorful and beautiful. She has never felt livelier.

She sits beside him on the grass and rests her head on his shoulder. She talks tirelessly about her school, dance classes and friends. “I finally got 10/10 on my Math quiz. I’m studying really hard!
The dad listens. His eyes shine with pride and unconditional love.

As the sun goes west, aiming to set, he walks a few steps away. Then he kneels, hugs her and tells her not to worry.
He says: “It didn’t hurt —the explosion. I didn’t feel a thing. I swear it wasn’t painful”. He reassures.
I’m good as new. No more blood or body shreds.” He smiles.
It is very pretty where I am. No war, no hate or weariness”.
Please, tell Mom I miss her”.

By Randa Al-Merheby.

A gentle hand strokes the hair of a little girl lying in bed. It’s time to wake up for school. The girl straightens up and sees her mother. “Daddy was here, in my dream.” She grins. “I’ll get dressed by myself, go back to bed Mommy. He said he will visit you too.

By Randa Al-Merheby.