Tuesday, March 17, 2015


His sight followed her as she walked out of the store. She was busy but what a vision she was. Her dress hugged her bones and tiny curves, and her hair fell on her back flawlessly.
Her presence was peculiar. He had always admired her.
And he strongly longed for her.

He missed being contaminated by her energy, by her glowing aura. He missed how he felt around her. He missed her voice and the trail her fingers made on his face.
She put fireworks in his dark skies, played music in his dull halls and grew life in his barren lands.  He never believed someone was capable of doing so.

Also ... he missed how she loved him back.
Her redamancy was a mirth, a treasure. A treasure he lost. A treasure he let go of. A treasure he threw in the water for someone else to fish.

Regret ate him up. Each day of his life!
He didn't cease thinking about her. He couldn’t get her out of his system.
But little can he do.
She was now loved by another man. A man who holds her hand, who takes her out dancing and who squeezes her tight in his arms, like he used to.