Friday, February 6, 2015

10 Things I Value!

As a baby, I hated old people. I was fixed to a TV screen or a computer monitor most of the time. And I liked pens more than toys.

As a teenager, I spoke sarcasm fluently. I made fun of everybody, including myself. I pranked people, laughed at others and went crazy A LOT!
I turned down boys and wasn’t nice to them, for no reason! Even though I looked like Harry Potter in a wig.
I made stupid decisions but I created memories.

Growing older, I changed. I shifted into a more quiet person, a listener, a thinker. But most importantly, I started appreciating things.

February is my favorite month. Not because it’s cats’ breeding season, if you’re thinking it or if you’re hearing two cats burning some calories.
But because every end of this month, a year is added to my calendar.

For this reason, here are some of the most important things I value:

-          Do everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING , out of conviction.
Wear those orange jeans, eat that fattening sandwich, sleep all day! Do it, whatever it is, no matter how insane or logical, because you want so! Never let anyone tell you what to do or not to.

-          Never EVER regret anything you’ve done in the past.
Because at that point in time, it was exactly what you wanted.
So even if you dyed your hair blue, went out with a dorky boy or ate 4 burgers for lunch, don’t hate yourself for doing so. (Things are usually not that simple, I know!)

-          When people talk about you or judge you, it says more about them.
True character is stronger than reputation.

-          Always give people the benefit of the doubt.
Each person of us is fighting his own battles and demons. So even if someone hurts you, don’t put too much effort into holding grudges. Just forgive and move on.

-          Be thankful, and be happy over little things.
One rose tops a bouquet. A home-cooked meal conquers a fancy dinner. And a hug is priceless.

-          Talk about places, feelings, interests, hobbies, future plans, ambitions.... Just not people.
A geniune personality wins every single time! 

-          Be passionate! And enjoy anything you do!
Pour your heart out into that instant noodle soup! Sing your lungs out! Dance as if ISIS is gonna ban music tomorrow.

-          Create your own style.
Don’t starve yourself in order to buy a pricey purse. A bag, a pair of shoes or a shirt won’t make you fashionable. A sense of style comes from within you.

-          Never base any friendship, love or work relationship on fake feelings/words. Always stay true.

-          Work shapes you. Even if it didn’t kill you, I’m sure you wished it did.
The world is a jungle and WORK throws you in the heart of it. Learn from your mistakes, fight, work hard and create the best version of you!

I’m not trying to be wise or preachy. I still have a long path before I narrate my stories to my grandkids. But until I do that, I’ll keep on being sarcastic. I’ll stay crazy. I’ll always be an annoying student and I’ll create memories each day of my life!