Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Counting Weeks!

So, my thigh gap stuck its tongue out at me and waved goodbye while  I stared at the mirror. And my thighs have recently met for the first time and decided to become inseperable.

I am no longer a sample size, the scale displays scary digits and my flat stomach (and abs! *swallows hard*) got replaced by a balloon.
And speaking of stomachs. Mine turned into a bully. Only the cool food gets to stay in and hang out; while it beats up then kicks out any unwanted nerdy meals.

I have become a water fountain, but not those pretty ones. I just take in water, then splash it, in bathrooms. Oh! And bathrooms are my new favorite places.
Moreover, my own bladder has started a rebellion against me. Sneezing and coughing are its weapons! And believe me, they are lethal.
And when hunger strikes, things get real – predator real. Let’s not forget to mention how my heart burns and starts a camp fire in the middle of the night.

So if you were ever told that pregnancy is enjoyable or in any way fun, be sure that this person is a big fat liar.
You’re on a constant emotional rollercoaster. You’re tired all the time. You eat uncontrollably. You breathe like you’re underwater. You look like an overstuffed Falafel sandwich and you walk like a turtle carrying its shell on the front.
But when you hear the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. When you watch his growth each month. When you buy him clothes. When he starts kicking you. When he moves in your womb. That’s when your heart flutters and sinks to your knees. And that’s when your motherly instinct builds up.

I have had rough months and there are more coming ahead. However, I know it is all worth it.
Now I don’t mind if he rips my insides, as long as he is healthy. As long as I have a  little piece of me to call me “Mommy”.


  1. Congratulations..Be grateful even for the pain..I am happy for you..

    1. Ohhh, I am very grateful! The article is written in a sarcastic way, but I am deeply happy!
      Thanks a lot for your constant support! Much appreciated

  2. I noticed ; I smiled for the details but well the news was the dominant in my mind..& I don't like to write too much so I just commented on the news sorry..